Time of Flight (ToF) Camera Application

Samsung S5K63DSX ToF Sensor:

S5K63DSX is a highly integrated indirect Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor aimed for 3D depth sensing. It is designed for fast but low-power operation, delivering full resolution capture. The indirect ToF depth sensing concept requires four different samples of the pixel data in four different phases to calculate its depth value. The sensor has 2 basic modes of operations: 1) RAW phase output mode, in which the sensor transmits the 4-tap phase information to be later processed into 3D depth map by the application processor (AP). 2) Depth mode in which the on-chip advanced ToF ISP can produce high quality depth map in various output formats (Spherical Depth, Cartesian XYZ, Z-only) and with various additional auxiliary information such as: Intensity map, Amplitude and confidence maps per pixel.

Output Mode in MIPI CSI2 Virtual Channel
Output Mode Main (VC(0)) VC(1) VC(2) VC(3)
Mode 1 16bit DEPTH Information - Intensity -
Mode 2 Point Cloud (XYZ) - Intensity Confidence
Mode 3 Point Cloud (XYZ) Amplitude Intensity Confidence
Mode 4 Depth Information Amplitude Intensity Confidence

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